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  • Register for an account.
  • Log into your account, record your reading, and explore other ways to earn points.
  • Make sure to contact the Children's Desk to arrange pick-up of your free book if registering for the Early Literacy or Children's programs.
  • Play educational games, complete fun activities, and earn badges!
  • Have fun reading with us this winter!


  • You can sign up the whole family for the winter reading program. No child is too young for the program and no adult too old!
  • Participate in our Bingo Board or set your own goals for the program. Not sure where to start? Twenty minutes per day is a good standard for all ages. For very young children and struggling readers, that can be spread throughout the day.
  • Use the online games, complete missions and activities, share book reviews, and more!
  • Make reading fun all winter long!


Who can participate?

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens, adults - everyone! Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caregiver sign them up and read to them.

Can I count books that I read on my computer or e-reader?

Of course! It's all the same to us.

Can I count the time that I spent reading to my kids?

For sure! We love it when you read to your kids!

Can I count audiobooks?

You bet!

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I don't finish it?

Absolutely! Ten minutes is ten minutes.

Can I join the program after its official start date?

Definitely! And if you can remember any reading that you've done after the official start date, you're welcome to go back and count that. 

Can I count the reading that I've done before the official start date?

Actually, we do ask that you count only reading you've done within the official dates of the program. But that still gives you plenty of time to join in the fun!