Early Literacy Center

children playing in the early literacy center

     Parents and caregivers are encouraged to use the Early Literacy Center with their children, from birth to age 5, to enhance their library experience and to develop early reading skills. The center encourages learning by providing a vibrant literacy rich space to help young children develop early literacy skills using colors, letters, numbers, sounds, objects, shapes, textures and books.   

     The Early Literacy Center features an interactive sensory wall and activity wall, special book collections, an alphabet/numbers carpet, play tables, activity sheets and seating for parents and children.  100% of the cost of the project was covered by local donations.

     The Early Literacy Center provides a place where parents and caregivers can spend time with their children, and enjoy working on developing and enriching pre-reading skills together. 






Source URL: https://www.findlaylibrary.org/content/early-literacy-center