Meeting Rooms


Lindamood Room with tables and chairs set up


Meeting Room Policy

Learn more about our Meeting Room Policy here


  • Lindamood Room only--computer, smart board, sink 
  • Lindamood and Blanchard Rooms--tables, chairs, digital projector, Wi-Fi, overhead projector, whiteboard, and podium.
  • Restrooms are adjacent to the meeting rooms.
  • Audiovisual equipment must be reserved in advance. 

*All equipment is provided, but you must use your own accounts to log on to video platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting.  


     Contact us at 419-434-1480 or to reserve meeting space for your non-profit group.


photo of Lindamood Room


Lindamood Room

     The Lindamood Room accommodates approximately 66 people seated with tables. 



Blanchard Room set up with chairs


Blanchard Room

     The Blanchard Room accommodates approximately 27 people seated with tables. 


photo of tutor Rooms


Tutor Rooms

     There are three tutor rooms that can be booked through the Adult Services Department.  To schedule a room, please call 419-422-1737.

Learn More about our Tutor Room Policy